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N ot a m e m b e r ? J o i n at a s so c iate d h a i rp rofe s sio n a ls .c o m 57 Stair-Step Fringe (a.k.a. Wednesday Addams Fringe) 1. Section off the fringe area. This can start from the high point of the head, for the maximum amount of fringe. For a less aggressive look, start the area at the high point of the fringe. 2. Part the client's hair down the middle and then subdivide the hair into three triangular sections using the natural curvature of the head to create your sections. 3. Take the center triangle and elevate 90 degrees off the forehead. Hold the hair vertically and cut your line square. 4. Overdirect the next section to the center and hold it at the same elevation. The key here is to slide at least one- nger length past the previous section to create the stair steps. 5. Repeat with the last section. You can keep this section longer to create the "Wednesday piece" mentioned earlier. Heavy Fringe 1. Part off the fringe area. 2. Take horizontal partings. 3. Keep the hair in its natural fall and as close to zero degrees as possible. 4. Point cut a strong lineā€”it can be curved or straight. The most important parts of cutting this fringe are the low elevation and the natural fall. Side-Swept Fringe 1. Part the client's hair using the natural curvatures of their fringe area. 2. Take a diagonal parting and overdirect the hair perpendicular to the part. 3. Elevate the hair to 45 degrees and cut parallel to your parting. 4. When the hair is dry, use your texturizing scissors to trim the edge of the line, working from short to long. 5. Freehand channel through the fringe to create a push that helps the hair stay to one side of the face. Scan to watch tutorial or visit instagram.com/ reel/CmJ41XipJYe Scan to watch tutorial or visit instagram.com/ reel/CHGJR23jBkk Scan to watch tutorial or visit instagram.com/p/ CAQwDnsAVq6/

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