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TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome Cosmo Clips Trade Show Calendar The Nail File The Biz The Consult The Ingredient The Trend The Protocol Artist Collective Inside Look AHP The Interior The Inbox 5 9 15 16 18 22 24 28 70 75 91 94 96 2 0 2 3 | V O L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1 52 FRINGE FOUNDATIONS Learn new tips and follow step-by-step instructions for tackling the very important area of hair that falls over the forehead and denes a client's look and style. BLISS AT THE BOWL All it takes is two extra minutes, along with a few simple (but very signicant!) application strategies, to give your guest a memorable scalp massage. BODY LANGUAGE SPEAKS VOLUMES Nonverbal communication matters. You should understand not only what a guest's body language means, but also how you can improve your body language as a professional. THRIVING, NOT JUST SURVIVING From barely making enough for rent and gas to being a business owner in the $100K club, 2023 Indie Stylist of the Year Courtney "Beauty" Smith is paving her way to success. IN THIS ISSUE 58 64 44

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