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16 indie stylist Volume 4 Issue 1 THE NAIL FILE Keratin. That's all nails really are. But they endure so much every day, from handwashing and typing to preparing dinner and opening packages. So, while your clients may come to you to adorn their nails out of a purely esthetic desire, you'll also want to ensure their nails are in tip-top shape for all they do. Not to mention, you want to make sure you're doing everything from your end to follow safety protocols during appointments. Here are a few top tips from your nail pro peers. What's the Damage? Maintaining the health of your clients' nails "Always have clients wash their hands. Examine their natural nails to ensure you can continue with the service. Never rip off enhancements, and give advice on any minor issues you see." —Sequoyah Matoaka, owner of Beautifully Blessed Beauty Bar "During a service, always use new and clean implements for each client. Advise clients to treat their nails as jewels and not tools—and always allow the tools to do the work, using minimal pressure." —Matoaka "Use a shellac, like CND Shellac, that is easy on, easy off with no nail damage. Nail pros should not be removing this type of shellac with an e-file. This causes nail damage and delamination." —Toni Periatt, CND Education Ambassador "Work within your licensed scope of practice. Your state's legislature and relevant regulatory agencies limit what services you can perform and what procedures, equipment, and products you can use as a licensee." —Jaime Schrabeck, owner of Precision Nails "Follow health and safety laws and regulations. Your state board exists to protect consumers; if you cannot perform a service safely, you should refuse the service." —Schrabeck

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