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30 indie stylist Volume 4 Issue 2 THE SPARK Many of us have heard the term writer's block. This typically refers to when a writer hits an invisible wall and is unable to come up with content to write. We really don't have a term for this as hair and beauty artists, but that doesn't mean we've never experienced a lack of creativity or what I call artist's block. I know I certainly have. Figuring out how to deal with artist's block hasn't always been easy for me. It took a lot of practice to discover what works. When it happens now, I have a method of attack. Before anything else, I take a deep breath and step back from what I'm doing. This may involve something as simple as taking a walk or watching my boys play sports. I try to select an activity so far away from my subject matter that it gives my mind a break. When you face a block in creativity, it's important to be kind to yourself; everyone runs dry at some point. I find I tend to hit the panic button, and then I can't gather my thoughts to start the process of getting through my block. To get through it, you have to persevere instead of panicking. When you reach that point, it's key to tell yourself, "Relax! Relax! Relax!" Your next inspiration may be right in front of you. Once you relax, it'll be easier to recognize what you need. Here's how you can get through your artist's block and reignite your inspiration. Working Through Artist's Block Find inspiration when you need it most by Gina Rivera

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