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Volume 4, Issue 2

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N ot a m e m b e r ? J o i n at a s so c iate d h a i rp rofe s sio n a ls .c o m 5 Work in Progress I n the middle of 2020, I found myself in the same situation as many of you—scared, stressed, and stuck in a small apartment alone. I did everything I could to calm my nerves. Between practicing yoga and baking bread, I discovered a new meditative hobby: watercolor painting. My paintings started out a mess, and I frequently used paper towels to soak up my mistakes. As I continued to practice, though, I realized the paintings got better. Was I Monet? Absolutely not. But my messy watercolor owers became beautiful in my eyes. Part of their allure was that they weren't perfect. And as an artist, I certainly accepted the fact that I wasn't perfect. The same is true for you. As an artist and hair professional, you are constantly learning, growing, and understanding that you aren't awless, as much as you might wish you could be. This idea of continual self- improvement should be what drives you in your career. This issue of AHP Indie Stylist celebrates the idea that we are all perfectly imperfect people getting better every day. On page 38, we discuss the cost of gendered pricing in the hair industry. Despite it being the norm, gendered pricing doesn't bene t all clients, and it could be doing your business more harm than good. As soon as we start to change the industry, even with small steps, we can help clients feel more comfortable and accepted—and you can reap the rewarding feeling of ameliorating your practice. But it's not just your menu that can grow and change. No matter what your career looks like, you can expect to adapt along the way, whether you're navigating big life hurdles (page 52) or the seemingly overwhelming world of nances (page 58). And since improvement is the goal rather than perfection, it's always valuable to revisit the basics you learned once upon a time in school. We share a refresher on classic short haircuts plus trendy variations based on those looks on page 46. Like a piece of art, you are a work in progress: never really " nished" but always beautiful. Once you nd the beauty in constant change, you'll ourish as a professional. Shoulders back. Head up. Keep getting better. FROM THE EDITOR Editor janderson@ahphair.com @j3nand3rson FOLLOW US ONLINE! @ahphair facebook.com/ahphair

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