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28 indie stylist Volume 4 Issue 2 THE COLOR Rainbow Bright Replicate this vivid, glowing look in a few steps by Shellie Vega While some of your clients look rad in a brunette balayage or trendy cowboy copper, there's no denying that neon rainbow hair is sure to turn heads. These electric colors radiate in natural lighting and glow under black light. Get ready for more requests for this look— your vibrant color clients will love the way it transforms from day to night. GET THE LOOK Start off with a level 9/10 canvas. There are two techniques being done to create a dimensional, shaggy rainbow mullet for this look. Dimensional Vivid Melt Technique • Behind the ear-to-ear headband, apply root shade from the top down to the nape. • Once at the nape, work your way back up the head, alternating colors of the rainbow and melting into the root color. • Take 1-inch sections as you work your way up; split each section into three or four subsections. Alternate the colors using a wide-tooth comb and fingers to blend in each color with the root. • Continue alternating as you move to the top of the head.

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