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24 indie stylist Volume 4 Issue 2 THE INGREDIENT Scalp Care Is Hair Care Ingredients that benefit scalp health by Ella Cressman A truth of the human condition: No matter if your hair is short or long, straight or curly, red, brown, black, or blonde, you will experience hair loss. Whether it's from aging, androgenetic alopecia, or another cause, hair loss will happen to everyone to some extent, but this doesn't mean you have to wait for the "fallout." Familiarizing yourself with the causes of accelerated hair loss can help you direct your clients toward ingredients and solutions that can help preserve the integrity of their locks and keep their scalps in tip-top shape. UNDERSTANDING HAIR LOSS Hair loss is an extremely complex condition that can be caused by a variety of factors. Some common causes include: • Acute telogen efuvium—Signicant emotional stress can disrupt the normal cycle of hair growth and cause up to 70 percent of hair follicles to enter a resting state (normally 10–20 percent during less stressful times). 1 Many people experienced this type of hair loss from stress during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Noticeable hair loss from abnormal physical stress (such as a high fever) or emotional stress can begin around 2–3 months after the onset of stress, but normal hair growth patterns likely return within 6–9 months. 2 • Androgenetic alopecia—Also known as male- pattern or female-pattern baldness, this is the most common cause of hair loss. It's typically hereditary and occurs with aging. Men and women can experience different patterns of this hair loss and at different ages.

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