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Volume 3, Issue 2

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome Cosmo Clips Trade Show Calendar The Biz The Consult The Protocol Empower Your Clients Planning to Go Solo? Increase Your Pay Inside Look AHP Artist Collective The Interior The Inbox 7 11 17 18 26 28 34 40 46 71 75 94 96 2 0 2 2 | V O L U M E 3 , I S S U E 2 40 PLANNING TO GO SOLO? What it takes to go solo, and the steps to turn your solopreneur dream into reality INCREASE YOUR PAY THE EASY WAY Make more money without adding more clients through hair extensions EMPOWERING YOUR CLIENTS TO EMBRACE CHANGE e emotional impact of hair loss, how to discuss it with your clients, and how to help them embrace their new look and nd strength through change IN THIS ISSUE 46 34

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