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26 indie stylist Volume 3 Issue 2 Sonya Dove Anthony Cole THE CONSULT So Your Client Has Scalp Psoriasis? Here's what you can do to put their mind (and scalp) at ease by Jen Anderson during their consultation. These clients know exactly what they need and how their psoriasis affects them. Their condition limits the types of products, tools, and services you can use on their hair, and you'll want to pay close attention to how you wash their hair at the shampoo bowl. Here are a few tips for navigating your next appointment with a client who experiences scalp psoriasis. USE THEIR PRODUCTS The shampoo and conditioner you have ready to use at your shampoo bowl might be great for most clients, but those with scalp psoriasis might need something tailored to their scalp. According to Dr. Scott Walter, board-certi ed dermatologist at Hill Center for Dermatology in Golden, Colorado, "Scalp psoriasis patients are often prescribed topical steroid or nonsteroidal solutions, shampoos, or oils that help decrease in ammation and improve their plaques." Psoriasis is a common immune- mediated condition, affecting more than 3 percent of US adults. 1 And of those people, 45–65 percent experience it as scalp psoriasis. 2 The condition causes scales on the skin that appear in patches or more broadly throughout the scalp. These scales may look like dandruff or thick plaques and can extend to the forehead, behind the ears, and down the back of the neck. It's more than likely that throughout the course of your career, you'll come across at least one client who has scalp psoriasis. Rather than treating them as you would any other client, listen carefully

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