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18 indie stylist Volume 3 Issue 2 karsten winegeart/unsplash THE BIZ A really great "before and after" hair picture is the dream for many hairstylists. It's an easy way to show off your work, display a client's progress, and skyrocket your social media platform. But before you post that picture, you need to know a few of the basics, like how to set up your account, who your audience is, how you can reach more followers, and what type of content will perform (hint: good quality photos and videos go a long way). Social media is a game. And an extremely rewarding one. Here's what you need to know. GETTING STARTED Consider this: Do people know you more by your name or your business? This will guide you in whether you want to have the profile picture be of your smiling face or a professional logo. If you're setting up an Instagram or Facebook page, you'll want to make sure you're creating a business account. This way, you can track how your account is doing through statistics and insights. This might also help you secure a blue check mark as a verified user further down the road, which social media platforms award to popular, engaging accounts. Next, gather your tools. If you're just starting, you're likely going to use your phone and a free photo editing app. As you gain more followers, you might want to invest in a nicer camera, comprehensive editing software, and a desktop computer. Make sure you have good lighting too. Natural light is the best, but a ring light can help if your salon's overhead lighting isn't ideal. ESTABLISHING YOUR AUTHORITY If you build it, they will come, right? Not necessarily. Consistency is key. Post regularly, but don't overwhelm your followers' feeds with too many posts. You'll also want to be consistent in the language you use and the type of content you're posting so your audience can get to know what you're most passionate about. Once you start getting more followers, comments, and likes, stay engaged. Don't ignore questions or messages. A simple, genuine response can go far in bringing in more clients. Behind the Before and After Marketing yourself and your work on social media by Jen Anderson and Rachel Deroche

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