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90 indie stylist Volume 2 Issue 3 the biz Client Boundaries Setting boundaries for your clients—and yourself —is the key to a happy career by Tanya Owens o you set boundaries with clients? Because really—what is an independent stylist salon owner without boundaries? Without them, we would be like a sweet little bunny rabbit waiting for a fox to come along and eat us. Considering you are in control of your fate, don't you want to be the fox? What if I told you that after you finish this article, your friends, family, and acquaintances will no longer take advantage of your time or money? Keep reading, because we are about to create a pack of foxy business owners! FRIENDS Some friends try taking advantage with sly intentions. My so-called friends have showed up late, asked for off hours, and decided not to pay in the past. As much as I would love to blame them, I have learned to blame myself. When you are an independent stylist, you're the decision maker on what is acceptable in your business. So . . . what is acceptable? • Stay on schedule. Be sure to let friends know they need to be on time—and this rule works both ways. We can easily get comfortable with our friends and run late or rush their service to catch up. • Set discounts in stone. If you want your friends to respect you, then you have to set expectations before they arrive for their appointment. Do you want to discount their service? Choose from a set price, percentage off, or trade amount—and stick with it. When you book their appointment, give them the price or trade expected and tell them what payment options you accept. • Know your value. If a friend tries to leave without paying, simply ask them, "How are you paying for your service today?" If they will not pay you after your service, tell them you cannot take them again until they are able to pay for the service they received. • Clock out. How many times have you been at a friend's house and they decide to talk about their hair color the entire time? As a professional, you have to know how to separate work from home.

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