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48 indie stylist Volume 1 Issue 4 To avoid the stress and instead achieve balance and harmony during the season, I find that the key is planning. Put things on your calendar to determine how you can simplify some items. Let me show you what I mean. First, let's take our clients. I am a big fan of sending out friendly reminders to clients encouraging them to schedule their holiday appointments. This ensures that my books are filled in advance, which gives me time to stock up on the appropriate products—as well as pencil in some "me" time. These reminders also allow me to project my revenues so I can stay on budget with my holiday spending. Once my calendar is filled, I make a list of the tasks I need to complete both professionally and personally. Then, I prioritize my list and determine whether there are items I can delegate or eliminate. When your goal is to make things easier, it's important to be mindful and remain focused on the big picture. Perhaps you always bake several dozen holiday cookies. This year, consider selecting just a couple of your favorite types to bake or even purchase pre-made dough. Also, rather than rushing out to battle crowds for gifts (which we may not even be able to do this year), order them online. It's easy to order small sample-size gift products for clients as well. Take advantage of companies that offer free delivery during the holidays. Your objective is to simplify and avoid the holiday craziness. It's easy to want to be a perfectionist during the holiday season, so consider what really matters and, more importantly, what will be remembered. Is it the biggest and most perfectly wrapped gift that will be remembered? Not at all. Rather, it's moments and memories people remember. Instead of loading up on more to do after a long workday, light some candles and watch a movie with loved ones. Or listen to Christmas music. The point is to dedicate more time to making memories and less time to busyness. Go back to simplicity—take a walk, read a book, or just take a load off, as they say. Learning to say no is another lesson I need to regularly review when I attempt to de-stress, especially during the holiday season. This means I need to be selective about what I commit to. It also means leaving some open days on the calendar. There will certainly very few holiday parties this year, so it's the perfect year to be selective. Rather than feeling obligated, it's a great opportunity to take advantage of choosing quality time over quantity. Now, go ahead, practice, and say "No." Making a little time each day to get in touch with yourself spiritually is also an important part of lowering stress levels. For me, I like to get up and read my devotional and pray each morning when I have my coffee. Some days I only have 5 minutes for this, but believe me, they are 5 minutes I wouldn't trade for the world. Others may meditate or watch the sunrise. Whatever your practice is, use this precious time to set the tone for your day. Finally—and this one is my favorite—have a sense of humor. This is one of the best ways to manage stress. Find humor in things that go wrong, and give yourself permission to forgive and forget mistakes. Focus, instead, on the things that go right and the bright spots in your day. There are always more things that go right than go wrong, so remember to have a good laugh! It's hard to stay stressed when you're laughing. Sometimes I have such a good laugh it brings me to tears. This can be really liberating! So, laugh my friends. Laugh and let go! You really can enjoy the holiday season with little to no stress if you are willing to make some adjustments. We aren't meant to do everything. Whittle down that to-do list. Ask for help. Delegate tasks to others. And remember, you can say no. You are the one who decides what you will and will not do—as well as what your attitude will be. Choose wisely, and I promise you this could be the best, stress-less holiday season ever. Stress less and be blessed! It's easy to want to be a perfectionist during the holiday season, so consider what really matters and, more importantly, what will be remembered. Cottonbro/pexels

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