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44 indie stylist Volume 1 Issue 3 ll of us have inner aspirations and goals. Oen our intentions are sincere when we set out to achieve them; however, we may also feel fairly content where we are. We've grown comfortable. While being comfortable can create a feeling of security, we must remember that achievements and greatness rarely arise out of remaining in our comfort zones. In business and in life, complacency can occur for a variety of reasons. Change can feel scary, and it can also disrupt our daily routine. We recently experienced this when many of us had to close our salons, forcing everything to change. If you want to be truly successful with your goals, you must be ready to adapt and undertake new challenges. When it comes to being adaptable, there are several items I believe are important as you embark down the "growth" road. ESTABLISH LONG-TERM GROWTH Take time to consider the factors that will help you to establish long-term growth. To do this, you must understand what sets your business apart from the competition. This is where specialty services can play a strong role. For example, you may have a specific skill or specialization you are recognized for. This is the time to capitalize on all the effort you undertook to refine the skill. Basically, now is the time to promote the fact that you are an expert through your advertising and communication platforms. Consider social media promotions (especially short videos), eblasts, additions to your website, or creating a loyalty program (such as a punch card). Adapt and Grow Overcoming complacency to keep moving forward by Gina Rivera the spark

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