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N ot a m e m b e r ? J o i n at a s so c iate d h a i rp rofe s sio n a ls .c o m 47 DO YOU HAVE ANY TREND PREDICTIONS? Trevor Sorbie told me, "Viv, there's a fine line between creativity and bad taste," and sometimes, we're all guilty of having bad taste. We follow a trend because it's in trend, but we really shouldn't. We should hang up that trend, let it pass us by, and then go to the next one—or personalize it more, so it fits us. Just because a lob or a curtain fringe is in fashion, it doesn't mean every face can wear it. So, Trevor taught me the importance of understanding how to create the total woman, how to design to face shape, and never compromise beauty. It must be relevant to who is wearing it. It must have some kind of freshness to it. Personally, I think it's time to go back to short haircuts, because as much as I love long hair and all the color methods we've been doing—and they are beautiful—not everyone should be wearing them. I think it's time to go back into some fun short cuts, although there are a lot of hairdressers who are very nervous about cutting hair short because they haven't had the experience in doing that. So I say to you, if you're scared of it, get out that mannequin head and go for it. ANY POST-COVID PREDICTIONS FOR THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY? I think you're going to see two very diverse trends. Some people have enjoyed underdressing, and they don't want to change that lifestyle. The other group wants a reason to put on those high-heeled shoes, get dressed up, feel fabulous, and go out and party. They want to feel and look good. So, I think we're going to see two extremes. As an industry, we really need to see glamour come back. I think the more we can get into glamour and high maintenance, the better, because the shine of glamour wears off very quickly. So I think, as an industry, we need to start saying: Glamour is back! I think that it would be very, very exciting— and lucrative—to get back to that.

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