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50 indie stylist Volume 2 Issue 1 REFOCUS My next phase is to refocus my energy on new things that are going to move me forward in a constructive way toward the future. I dedicate myself to letting go of things I can't control and embracing things I can. This is also where I decide on the attitude I'm going to adopt for myself. And, yes, my attitude is a decision—a decision to be happy, thankful, energetic, and positive rather than the opposing. Some other areas to refocus are your priorities, your time, and even something as simple as your conversations, which can also have an impact on your life. The great thing about refocusing is, if you fail to meet a goal, you can simply change or adjust your course. Think of it this way—if you're heading down a path and happen to get lost, you could always stop and ask for directions or use a compass. But if you choose to stay "lost," you may be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes taking another path actually gets you to your destination faster. When I was selected to appear on the Emmy-winning television show Undercover Boss, the last thing I wanted to do was be vulnerable in front of millions of viewers. During that moment, I was focused on my fear. However, I knew I had to refocus my attitude and welcome the opportunity. Today, I realize that if I hadn't embraced that experience, my company might not have achieved the success it has. Through that experience, I was able to meet many amazing lifestyle professionals who operate their businesses in our locations. This was an incredible learning experience for me, as well as a tremendous blessing. What I am saying is, if you're dominated with unproductive thoughts or actions, refocus your attention on where you want to go. RESTORE My final phase is to restore. Think of the phrase, "Out with the old, in with the new." In the restore phase, I do new things that make me feel re-energized. These actions can be as simple as cleaning out a closet or changing the paint color of my workspace. For years, I have used the same devotional each morning. The pages are well worn and well read. However, I started this year with a new devotional, which was refreshing for me because it gave me a sense of spiritual renewal and growth. Maybe you go to the gym a lot, but you haven't changed your workout routine in years. Consider adding a new exercise. It's funny how changing a small daily habit can be invigorating. Remember, self-care is doing what needs to be done so you can be balanced and energized to achieve all you want out of your life. Self-care nourishes your mind, body, and spirit and allows you to thrive. Self-care increases your happiness, your success, and the quality of your life and relationships. So, as you venture through the year, start with self-care and take time for the three "Rs": reflect, refocus, and restore. Self-care increases your happiness, your success, and the quality of your life and relationships. sincerely media/unsplash

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