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N ot a m e m b e r ? J o i n at a s so c iate d h a i rp rofe s sio n a ls .c o m 49 ADAPTING MARKETING Given the current circumstances, one of my goals is replacing clients lost to attrition. Not all of them, but enough to maintain the balance between supply (services offered and time available) and demand (services desired and time required). I understand my limits and don't want to stretch beyond what's reasonable or safe. Nor do I anticipate being in a position to hire more providers to create more capacity. It's never been my intent to make the salon available to everyone. It's not possible to meet the needs of everyone at the exact moment they want them met. That's not a sustainable business model, despite the fact that walk-in salons have proliferated, churning through new clients who may or may not be concerned with compliance. When state guidance requires appointments scheduled in advance, the walk-in business model becomes an even greater liability. ADAPTING YOUR WEBSITE How many new clients do you need to fill your salon schedule? That's difficult to answer at this point while still adapting and perfecting procedures, but I do know the best way to reach them is through your website. Anyone with access to the internet can easily find your salon and learn about your services. If you don't have a website, or haven't updated recently, I strongly recommend this as the foundation of your marketing efforts. Your website can't perform actual services, but if done well, it will provide information and generate leads, giving you more time to perform services rather than talk about them. When I review my salon's website, some content will not change. For example, I devote an entire page to "Our Philosophy." This might seem unnecessary to some, but the information on this page conveys my commitment and perspective on the beauty industry, and I believe it's important to share that with prospective clients. My website's new content may become permanent, like this statement about reopening: ADAPTING YOUR WAY Anticipating challenges ahead, I expect to prioritize marketing, the one responsibility that I've neglected in the past 15 years of my career. It has been that long since I expanded my business, transitioning from working alone to a larger location with employees. This time frame happens to coincide with the ubiquitous rise of social media, but I never made much use of these newer platforms to promote the salon. If you're a newer salon owner, or have found success promoting your salon on social media, go with what works for you. I suggest you review your pre-pandemic marketing efforts and consider how you might adjust those efforts to reflect the new environment. Adapting to change allows us to move forward—and stay successful. Unless you're a competent writer, graphic designer, and website developer, you shouldn't attempt these projects on your own. Without the requisite ability, the results can often be inferior and amateurish, and that's certainly not the first impression I'd want to make. That said, here are some suggestions to get you started: • Set a deadline for launch or revision • Gather examples from other salon businesses • DO NOT PLAGIARIZE • Write your own service descriptions and salon policies • Consider adjusting your prices • Be direct, concise, and accurate • Work with a graphic designer for professional results • Select colors, fonts, and images that reflect your salon's decor • Proof your content and then proof it again • Plan on revising on a regular basis • Direct clients to your website at every opportunity (emails, social media, ads, etc.) Thank you for trusting us with your nail care needs. Since the coronavirus pandemic started, we've demonstrated our commitment to abide by all state and county orders and the requirements of the guidelines, including the wearing of masks. We appreciate your patience and compliance throughout this process. Upon reopening, we also launched our new scheduling and confirmation system. Because the guidelines prohibit simultaneous services, multiple services within the same visit must be performed consecutively. Please note that this significantly impacts our availability. Our new schedule gives priority to clients who had standing appointments. New clients, including referrals, will be added to our waiting list. If you've already submitted your appointment preferences, we will contact you individually to confirm your reservation.

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