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N ot a m e m b e r ? J o i n at a s so c iate d h a i rp rofe s sio n a ls .c o m 45 No matter what your chosen profession may be, there are always changes in technique, technology, business methods, tools of the trade, and societal demands. KNOW YOUR CLIENT Make sure to identify your ideal customer. For some, they could be individuals who align with the specialized services you offer. And, don't forget to evaluate your long-term customers and determine why they return. Is there a specific service being requested more frequently than others? If you notice that your long-term clients are regularly requesting the same service, this may be a good indicator of what your specialization is. Once you have identified your ideal client, use this information when boosting on social media, communicating in texts and eblasts, developing programs, and creating a marketing strategy. Make sure to target the market with keywords that connect you to your ideal client. VERIFY AND VALIDATE YOUR REVENUE STREAMS Whenever you're adapting your business for growth and change, it's also very important to verify and validate your revenue streams. This means doing a quarterly review of your sales. Determine what services are selling the most. Also, take a look at product sales. If you realize that some items are not selling well, now is the time to adapt. This may mean omitting some services or products you have been providing and updating them with new items. Just remember to continue to know your value even when you are making changes, and always charge appropriately for the market and your skills. LEARN SOMETHING NEW Once you complete a quarterly review and eliminate services and products that aren't working, it's time to decide what services and products you will add. To do this, it's important you remain current in the industry by doing some research. Make sure to look through industry magazines and see what's trending. Education is everything. Review what the experts are saying, and watch for new items coming onto the beauty scene in your specific field of expertise. Consider joining a professional organization where information can be shared and easily accessed. Staying up to date is also a terrific way to communicate with your clients that you are serious about your profession and that your business is adapting and staying current. Know that there are going to be times that you may need to gain additional education as new trends and techniques emerge. This is part of being adaptable and growing your business. As trends change, staying relevant will be key to your growth strategy. If you need to learn a new technique, stop at your local beauty supply house and ask if they are aware of any classes being offered, check out professional websites that may offer classes, and ask your product rep what's new. Often, various product lines will offer free classes just so you will try their line. My point is, staying current involves effort and focus. However, this is the type of effort and focus that is essential for growth and adaptability. Recently, during COVID-19, many classes were offered online. We witnessed a definite emergence of virtual education. This is a trend that will most likely continue and grow, so it's important to adapt to new technologies and also tap into the abundance of resources. STAY FOCUSED Finally, don't feel like you have to do everything—you simply can't. Instead, focus on your strengths. For example, perhaps your strength is hair color application. Then, by all means, check out what's trending in the color arena for the upcoming season. If there is something you need to gain more knowledge on, enroll in a class. This will allow you to elevate your area of specialization. It also contributes to your business's ability to adapt and stay current. ADAPT TO CHANGE Keep the mindset that being adaptable to change will ensure your growth. Growth is always important if you want to advance and keep moving forward. No matter what your chosen profession, there are always changes in technique, technology, business methods, tools of the trade, and societal demands. Sometimes it may seem difficult to stay on top of the changes, but remember, you didn't get to where you are in the first place without pushing yourself to grow. So, where should you start? I suggest that you take inventory. Determine where you are in the marketplace, and then identify what will be required for you to adapt to the current temperature of it. Now, jump in and get your feet wet. Then, get ready to adapt, grow, and become even more successful!

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