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Brand Consistency Keeping consistent brand messaging is key to attracting your niche clientele. For consistency: • Use the same logo (same size and colors) across all marketing platforms, including email, print ads, coupons, social media, etc. • Pick a color palette and stick with it. Use the same palette for salon décor, ads, social media, website and emails, and business and loyalty cards. Using three to fi ve colors consistently is crucial to creating a strong and instantly recognizable brand. • Value your vibe. Your business personality should be as consistent as possible. Create the vibe you want, and make sure all written, video, and pictorial messaging broadcasts this vibe to your desired clientele. Mark Bustos gives back by off ering haircuts to the homeless. "Everyone, whether homeless or a billionaire, appreciates how a good hairstyle makes [them] feel. We are all human; we grow hair and lose hair in exactly the same way." Meet Your Stylist App Meet Your Stylist is a strategic way to attract new guests to your salon, schedule them with stylists they connected with, and retain guests. "It's a fun, easy, and accurate matchmaking survey that converts website visitors into lifetime clients," says hairstylist Kati Whitledge. "In 2019 our salon gained 1,620 new guests from the app and earned more than $137,700 in additional revenue." For more information and pricing, visit meetyourstylist.com/how-it-works.

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