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N ot a m e m b e r ? J o i n at a s so c iate d h a i rp rofe s sio n a ls .c o m 19 She continued speaking to me, but it didn't matter. I thought to myself, "Who are you to tell me I can't make it in an industry I love and am passionate about?" Skip ahead to several years later when the company I founded was named one of the fastest-growing companies with more than 150 salons nationwide. During that segment of my life, I had been blessed to film commercials, become a national product spokesperson, and create my own education team. It was then when I saw her—yes, the same salon owner who told me I can't. I pulled into a parking lot, and there she was next to me. At that moment, the anger and humiliation I felt when she made those remarks to me years earlier came rushing back. I wanted so badly to remind her of everything she said to me and all that I had accomplished. But the Lord spoke to me. He said, "Gina, be humble. She knows exactly who you are and what you have been up to." I guess in a way I should thank her. Her discouragement only fueled my inspiration to be better. Of course, there have been other naysayers who periodically crossed my path. However, I have gained a new appreciation for these folks because I don't get discouraged anymore—instead, I get motivated. When someone tells me I can't, I look at it as a vehicle for inspiration.

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