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18 indie stylist Volume 1 Issue 2 the spark started my career at a very young age. Due to my family's strong foundation and history in the hairstyling business, I had been around the industry my whole life. I was a very enthusiastic young hairdresser, full of dreams and aspirations. From the beginning, I set my mind on becoming the best I could be. I will never forget one of the first things that happened to me at the beginning of my career. One day I was at the salon where I worked when I was called into my manager's office. I was very excited because I had been doing well, and I just knew I was going to be promoted. Instead, she pulled me in her office and said these exact words to me: "I recommend that you find another career. I feel that you don't have what it takes to make it in this industry." I was floored. I had never in my life been so intimidated and humiliated. She took the wind right out of my sails. During the following moments as she kept talking, I could no longer hear her words. It was at that very moment that my drive and passion for the industry took over. It could have been a life-changing moment that sent me on a different journey, but instead, I used that discussion to move my career forward. Yes, You Can Let the naysayers fuel your passion by Gina Rivera I don't get discouraged anymore—instead, I get motivated. When someone tells me I can't, I look at it as a vehicle for inspiration.

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