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14 indie stylist Volume 1 Issue 2 roblematic workplaces have become so pervasive that it's no wonder that many in the beauty industry work alone. rough personal experience or industry lore, we can all relate to the stereotypical salon in which the owner, licensed or not, acts like an arrogant bully or a clueless friend. In either circumstance, the word toxic comes to mind. Is this the best the beauty industry has to offer? Of course not! Having worked alone myself, I completely understand the appeal. My first work experiences (nearly 30 years ago) involved five different hair salons in five years. In each case, the salon owner worked as a full- time licensed cosmetologist, and others rented individual stations. The opportunity for employment was not an option. To build clientele quickly, I wanted to be the only manicurist working among busy hairstylists. As booth renters, we each took responsibility for handling our individual businesses: maintaining our licenses and insurance, purchasing products and marketing services, scheduling clients, collecting payments, paying taxes, etc. While we supported each other through referrals, our efforts were not coordinated to represent the salon as a whole. Some coworkers were not as professional as they should have been, placing a burden on the rest of us. For example, we made excuses to annoyed clients for a stylist who repeatedly slept in, missing the first appointment of the day. Stronger Together Going solo may sound like the right way to build a career, but is it the best way to thrive? by Jaime Schrabeck, PhD the rules

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